Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Toccata's Camille bolero in red matte satin. The jeweled belt brightened the ensemble.

Preview Magazine's online component - asked me to talk about the ideal prom dress.

I had to tell them about this very sophisticated Junior from who came to see me at my atelier. She was a Junior from a very exclusive all-girl school - she was well mannered, and incredibly stylish. She replied in clipped tones like: "of course". "thank you". "wonderful." SHe reminded me of Betty Draper from my favorite TV series Mad Men. When I was in third year in high school, I never had a classmate that sophisticated. I envy these kids nowadays.

Most of all I loved that her folks gave her a free hand in choosing a couture prom dress. Her dad (who was about my age) sat in the waiting room patiently. I peeped my head out and said: Sir? Would you like to join us? Her dad said: No, no, I'l l wait out here, so if the dress doesn't turn out well I wont be the one to blame.
So here is how it turned out folks! Here is the write-up

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