Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Summer is definitely here! You can tell as the heat is on.
The grass in our garden is fast drying up, and our
little Amanda is chasing butterflies, barefoot and restless...
It wasn't a planned shopping day (it never really is),
but summer is a time to shed all those heavier pieces- time to wear easy and breathable ones.
This kicked off my impromptu summer shopping:
At 10.00am I found this lovely summer tote at
Shoppesville, Greenhills (only P1000),
it is made from woven yarn.
I ended up giving it to Amanda's yaya who loved it!
At Podium, I finally got a Jason Mraz CD. (We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things)
I remember a summer at Pagudpud sipping Kapuluan Martinis, watching the sun set over the Ilocos Norte Mountains.
I keep playing Jason Mraz over and over.
I have a crush on the track 'Live High'.
And my kids keep repeating the track 'Butterfly' over and over - they've choreographed a dance for that track.
This album is definitely a feel good one.
The very next day, I bought two pairs of shades last week from the ever gracious ladies at George Optical, Shoppesville Greenhills.
I took so long to choose! It wasn't easy... So I did the 'high-low' thing - I bought a pair of
Ray Ban Wayferers, in faux turtoise shell.
And a pair of aviators by Sprinto. I can take a few of these Sprintos to the beach and wouldn't kick myself if I lost a pair.
Here is my lovely linen White Orchid Dress.
I shot it before shipping to Andrea Bell in Springfield, Massachusetts.
This piece made it to the maiden issue of Love Sewing Magazine. Woohoo!

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