Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My second daughter Christiana kept reminding me that
I owed her a prize for making it to outstanding student this trimester.
All she wanted was for me to take her to Regina's at Shoppesville.
She wanted more stickers for her fluffy sticker collection - summer's here!!!
This was my ultimate fave collage amongst her purchases today.
Meanwhile, I made a purchase of my own,
a pair of Zontary's 'Habana' sport platforms
How can four inch platforms be so easy to walk in and be sooo comfy?
Looks like girls of all ages have a collection to complete. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Summer is definitely here! You can tell as the heat is on.
The grass in our garden is fast drying up, and our
little Amanda is chasing butterflies, barefoot and restless...
It wasn't a planned shopping day (it never really is),
but summer is a time to shed all those heavier pieces- time to wear easy and breathable ones.
This kicked off my impromptu summer shopping:
At 10.00am I found this lovely summer tote at
Shoppesville, Greenhills (only P1000),
it is made from woven yarn.
I ended up giving it to Amanda's yaya who loved it!
At Podium, I finally got a Jason Mraz CD. (We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things)
I remember a summer at Pagudpud sipping Kapuluan Martinis, watching the sun set over the Ilocos Norte Mountains.
I keep playing Jason Mraz over and over.
I have a crush on the track 'Live High'.
And my kids keep repeating the track 'Butterfly' over and over - they've choreographed a dance for that track.
This album is definitely a feel good one.
The very next day, I bought two pairs of shades last week from the ever gracious ladies at George Optical, Shoppesville Greenhills.
I took so long to choose! It wasn't easy... So I did the 'high-low' thing - I bought a pair of
Ray Ban Wayferers, in faux turtoise shell.
And a pair of aviators by Sprinto. I can take a few of these Sprintos to the beach and wouldn't kick myself if I lost a pair.
Here is my lovely linen White Orchid Dress.
I shot it before shipping to Andrea Bell in Springfield, Massachusetts.
This piece made it to the maiden issue of Love Sewing Magazine. Woohoo!


Ever since my gal pal handed me a copy of Vanity Fair with the article of Mad Men in it -
I was hooked (yes I admit I am a late bloomer!)
I had my husband buy Season 1, 2 and 3 of Mad Men.
Okay, okay, at first I kept watching the show thanks to hottie and dapper Don Draper.
But the fashion was another thing I fell in love with. I love that everybody seemed to be dressed in 1962 - after all the show is about the New York advertising scene in the 1960's.
Here's Betty at a store window. Photo courtesy of AMC's official website.

Here is my version if Season 2's necklaces.
My version is made from keishi coin pearls in grey.
More of this fab piece in here.
Have you noticed Betty Draper's coin pearl earrings?
I have seen it quite often in Season 1 and 2.
Here's a dress I designed with Betty in mind.
It just sold last night at Bonne Bouche Greenbelt 5!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


After years of accepting orders for customized pieces from clients overseas -one most popular question stands out: How do you take my measurements?I have decided to create an east how-to guide that is easy to follow. So ladies - here it is! Your east to follow measurement guide.
It's easier than you think!
You must follow this to the T though if you want to get great results.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am simply crushing on Ciara Sotto's exquisite corsette wedding gown
by the popular multi-tasking young designer - Mich Dulce.
There is nothing ordinary about this gown-what a fresh take!
I must say Ciara looked picture perfect on her big day.
Photos courtesy of Mango Red Photography
The handsome couple:
Ciara Sotto and longtime beau Joe Oconer wed January 17, 2010.
And here it Ciara's fab wedding gown designer - the multi talented Mich Dulce.
I lurve the fascinators Mich!
(Photo courtesy of Mich Dulce)


Don't we just love beautifully intimate weddings?
Most especially when the bride is a lovely young celebrity?
Actress and much loved TV host Rica Peralejo marries
brilliant young pastor Joe Bonifacio in an intimate beach wedding, January 29, 2010.
Recently so many bride's inquiring for a customized wedding dress have brought up how
Rica Peralejo's wedding dress was so unique.
It was created by popular wedding gown designer
my good pal Rajo Laurel - and he calls this his spider cobweb dress.

I think Rica got away with this incredibly modern style.
She's so pretty that she could pull off absolutely anything!
Photos courtesy of Lito Sy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Late last year after the devastating Typhoon Ondoy shook our nation, I decided to hook up with internet maven Anton Sheker who ran a charity auction to help the victims of this terrible calamity. We held a charity auction at his site
Bride-to-be Rica Pestano won a stylish couture wedding dress while helping Typhoon Ondoy victims. What a chic way to purchase a wedding dress - with style and conscience. Here is Rica right after we fitted the muslin (or lining) of her dream wedding dress! She is holding one of my couture bouquets here.
Here is the her one-of-a kind wedding gown I designed for her. It was inspired by my Rambling Rose Wedding Dress which retails at for USD2,500. Do-gooder Rica won the auction at a cool USD650! (PhP30,000). I guess that's what one gets when she helps people in need. Congratulations Rica and best wishes on your August 2010 wedding.


You may know by now that I have a flower shoppe called Michi Calica Fresh Flowers. It started as a flower business that designed bridal bouquets for my bride-to-be clients.
I must admit I love seeing our giant flower chiller al lit up with lot and lots of beautiful flowers for delivery. Business is good when I see this!
Some of the flowers, all in vases, ready to go. This year, roses were not the only flowers of choice - liliums, hydrangeas, and even fruit baskets were in demand. Customers opted to send flowers on February 12 and 13 for some reason. Today is the last day you can still place your last minute order at our online store! We would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Toccata's Camille bolero in red matte satin. The jeweled belt brightened the ensemble.

Preview Magazine's online component - asked me to talk about the ideal prom dress.

I had to tell them about this very sophisticated Junior from who came to see me at my atelier. She was a Junior from a very exclusive all-girl school - she was well mannered, and incredibly stylish. She replied in clipped tones like: "of course". "thank you". "wonderful." SHe reminded me of Betty Draper from my favorite TV series Mad Men. When I was in third year in high school, I never had a classmate that sophisticated. I envy these kids nowadays.

Most of all I loved that her folks gave her a free hand in choosing a couture prom dress. Her dad (who was about my age) sat in the waiting room patiently. I peeped my head out and said: Sir? Would you like to join us? Her dad said: No, no, I'l l wait out here, so if the dress doesn't turn out well I wont be the one to blame.
So here is how it turned out folks! Here is the write-up

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Valentine's Day is only nine days away! For this love season, we have incredibly chic and easy to order Couture Bouquets available at Michi Calica Fresh Flowers.
This year all our farm fresh roses are delivered in am elegantly tall glass vase. I was inspired by the story famed floral designer Michael George told about his florist dad, George Christ Vasillopus.
Michael George said in the book Simply Elegant Flowers (North Lite Books), how n the 1930's his father began the trend of delivering flowers in now collectible Haeger and Roseville vases.
We are very concerned about the environment, therefore we have decided to stop using a lot of paper for this big day.