Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toccata's White Orchid Bolero Winner Revealed!

After a suspenseful five day wait, Rock 'n Roll Bride announced the winner of the Toccata White Orchid Bolero Contest! Ladies and gentlemen, here she is (and the drum roll pleaze...)
Rachael Green of Los Angeles, you are one lucky bride-to-be! Here's what she wrote:

My wedding is 3 weeks away and THIS is the EXACT item I’ve been looking for to complete my Mad-Men-meets-Indie-bride look {pearls, lace, feathers, and touches of leopard print}. Stunning! WAY over budget already {or else I would have the White Orchid Delux wedding dress I’ve been eyeing for an eternity}, so I’d be forever grateful to be gifted such a mindblowingly spectacular piece, but rest assured, I WILL have either the angelique or the white orchid bolero on my wedding day!

Check out Kat Williams post on the White Orchid Bolero winner here.

Racheal if you're reading this, you will get your size zero White Orchid Bolero just in time for your Big Day on November 20! Congratulations!

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