Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Wedding Bouquet for You

You won't believe this sweet offe brides-to-ber! Check out these beautiful wedding bouquets from Michi Calica Fresh Flowers-they can be yours for free when you book for a wedding gown on the spot, or within the first week of consultation.!

Wouldn't you love to win my exquisite designer wedding bouquets by Michi Calica Fresh Flowers?
Brides who book the order of their wedding dress on the first day of their consult with us automatically get a free rose bouquet on their wedding day! A bridal rose bouquet retails for 5,5ooPhP.
If you prefer a bouquet of tulips, stargazers or of another variety than roses, all you have to do is add 1000PhP to upgrade your rose bouquet. This offer is only good for brides getting married within Metro Manila, Philippines. What are you waiting for?


Q: What is the duration of the promotion?:
A: Promotion will start on November 15, 2009 and end on December 15, 2009

Q: Who can join this Promotion?
A: Brides, grooms, anyone who avails of a Michi Calica wedding gown within the first week of consultation. This means booking the order with a 50% downpaymant.

Q: How do I avail of this free bridal bouquet?
A: After booking for a customized gown within the first week of consultation with Michi Calica Bridal, the purchaser is entitled to a designer bouquet.

Q:What is the duration for the free wedding bouquet?
A: If the purchaser books the wedding gown between November 15 to December 15, 2009 the purchaser will receive her wedding bouquet on her wedding day. THis is for brides getting married in Metro Manila only.

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