Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Star Wars Theme Wedding

Hands down I must say Issa and Tiger's Star Wars theme wedding is hard to beat! There was much buzz about this thematic wedding when popular TV host wed the dashing young doctor a few months back. I had the pleasure of creating Issa's iconic wedding dress including her Stormtrooper fiberglass breastplate.

Some behind he scenes trivia:

When the first sample was done, I showed it to my husband and he commented: "I think it's too matte, it needs some more oomph" I then looked outside my house for inspiration, and lo and behold, saw my neighbor's shiny sapphire BMW. Incidentally this neighbor of mine is Jay-ar, the Prince of R&B, I asked his driver where he got the paint job, Jay-ar had a car painting shop down the road! Then I had the fiberglass breastplate painted with frosted ivory car paint to match the chiffon of her Star Wars wedding gown - the rest is history.

Pat Dy shot these. Here's his link:


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