Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have been bringing my own shopping bag around for years even before being 'green' became fashionable. There are nine billion shopping bags that go to the trash every year!
This is probably why I ended up being offered this opportunity to design a reusable bag with the Ayala Malls. We were asked to choose our NGO to produce the bags for us. I chose Earth Day Network to do this with me, because I totally believe in their passion for educating big corporations to manage their waste wisely. I, alongside five other very talented designers joined forces for this event.
Here is the story of my bag:
"The random wrinkling on this bag symbolizes cracks on Mother Earth caused by our collective abuse. But here's good news: Choose to reuse, reduce and recycle resources today, and we can help reverse the effects in 10 years. Made with love, repurposed cotton canvas and tarpaulin, this reusable tote by Michi Calica works and looks better than any plastic bag."

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