Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to clean feathers

I've got a few pieces with feather accents that are so lovely to look at. We store them in boxes to avoid the accumulation of dust and other undesirables. Feathers remain waterproof if they are attached to the bird. Now that these beautiful feathers adorn your bolero, extra care is needed to keep them looking fresh.

Here's how to care for the feathers:

Easiest is to blowdry the feathers. The air from the blowdryer hopefully gets all the dust away in a couple of minutes.

Those newborn baby hairbrushes are meant to brush baby's hair. Since newborns have hair as soft as feathers, this brush makes an excellent feather brush! Brush following the direction of the feathers so as to retain its shape.

Sable paint brushes are also excellent in brushing the feathers clean.

Three easy ways to keep feathers clean. Remember to keep your feathered boleros safe from moisture, bright light, and dust.

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